Betsy Frost Design: Makers of Gorgeous Unique Sterling Silver Jewelry

At Betsy Frost Design, we craft stunning handmade items that impress and mesmerize. We offer a collection of unique jewelry pieces such as our caged stone necklaces, mother daughter bracelets, and coral jewelry. Each piece of jewelry was designed by the experienced and gifted Betsy Frost, and showcase her strict attention to detail, quality, and artistic design.

Whether you need a beautiful gift for your loved one or a statement piece for yourself, at Betsy Frost Design, we know you will find jewelry you will love. Our pearl cage necklace makes a great gift for the elegant woman in your life and our gorgeous mother daughter bracelets capture the strong and intricate bond between a mother and her daughter.

Our collection of unique sterling silver jewelry offers beautiful works of art that are sure to catch everyone’s eye. To learn more about our collection of fine jewelry, please give us a call today at (617) 548-8038.